The iPhone 7 announcement.

It is that time of the year again and Apple have announced the latest iterations of their best selling product. Here is a quick rundown of the event.

Tim Cook gets a lift.

The Apple boss was shown getting a helpful lift to the event by James Corden, and of course it was a great time to indulge in a little bit of Carpool Karaoke joined by Pharell Williams.

Apple Music.

Apple music as announced in June is getting a complete user interface overhaul, personalised playlist generators based on what you listen to, lyrics integration for the karaoke fans (or so you can stop singing the wrong words like this radio listener).  All of these features and changes could help Apple music grow on it’s pretty impressive 17 million subscribers.

Figures and records.

As they do most years Apple first told us about some of the record figures the products have reached, so here we go.

Total iPhone sales have now reached over 1 Billion devices making it the best selling product of it’s kind in the history of the world.  It is the best selling mobile phone, the best selling music player, the best selling games system, the best selling camera, the best selling video player and best selling computer of all time.  Not bad for a product that has only been around for nine years. Continue reading “The iPhone 7 announcement.”

1Password – Helps you stay secure in the online world.

In the digital and online world we live in remembering passwords has become the bane of most peoples lives.  When a site is compromised or hacked the first thing the hackers will try is to reuse the logins and passwords on other sites to see if you have used the same details elsewhere.  This is why we should use different passwords on each site or service we use and these passwords need to be very difficult to work out.  This leaves most of us with a huge problem, how do we remember the passwords? Writing them down somewhere is not too big a problem if we only use a computer or service at home, but in the modern world that is highly unusual.  We want to be able to access our services from multiple devices at home, work, in the pub or on holiday these days.

This is where a password manager comes in to fill the gap in our needs.  I have tried several different password managers including ones built in to browsers or that come with our devices.  I have found most of these lacking compatibility across all of our devices, not secure enough or most likely not simple enough to use.  I feel that this is one of the most important factors when choosing a password manager, as quite simply if it is not easy to use on all of our devices most of will not bother using it all of the time and then what is the point at all.

I use and can wholeheartedly recommend 1Password from AgileBits. It works on Windows, Macs, iOS and Android devices so will cover nearly everybody perfectly.

How does it work? Continue reading “1Password – Helps you stay secure in the online world.”

Welcome to the TechStuff.Guru blog.

Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

I have been advising people on the benefits of keeping a blog to help with getting their brand known and improving the performance of their websites for sometime now, but have never worked on one for myself.

So, what can you expect to find coming up in the TechStuff.Guru blog?

I intend to write about some of the apps, products and services that I enjoy using or find particularly useful. I will also be providing some information on the latest goings on in the world of tech and gadgets. This maybe about new things coming up in the future or warnings on some of the latest scams or malware catching people out.  I hope that this will be useful to my customers and enjoyable to read by some of you that may never have any desire to be a customer of a web designer.